Art and Music can Reveal Emotion
Welkom, Willkommen, Bienvenue,

My interest in playing keys started more than 50 years ago. As a singer in the "Zeeuwse Jongenskoor", directed and accompanied on piano and organ by mister Evert Heijblok who founded this choir in 1954 in Goes (Zld).

Mister Heijblok tought me on playing piano from 1973 untill 1979. In 1980 I joined the Navy untill 1985. After I quit the Navy I started playing piano again, taking pianolessons from mister G Audenaard. This lead to a Conservatory study majoring Classical Pianomusic. (1987 - 1993)

A  one year course "Keyboards" followed ('94-'95). It was here that I learned sequensing music on a computer.

Most of the tracks I make can be marked as Electronic, or maybe House. This music is mainly instrumental, with occasionally some voice chops.